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Rec­laim your smi­le! Our know-how and our sta­te-of-the-art tech­no­lo­gy make it pos­si­ble– no mat­ter what the situa­ti­on. Implant tech­no­lo­gy is a revo­lu­tio­na­ry deve­lo­p­ment in den­ti­stry for repla­cing mis­sing teeth. Func­tio­n­ing as arti­fi­cial roots, implants crea­te a per­ma­nent foun­da­ti­on in the jaw­bo­ne that can hold your crowns, brid­ges or den­tal res­to­ra­ti­ons. The right plan­ning, thanks to pre­cise 3D dia­gnostics, and the deca­des of expe­ri­ence our team has gai­ned from per­forming thousands of pro­ce­du­res gua­ran­tee that we will find the best solu­ti­on for your new teeth. In short: We are spe­cia­lists in the field of implan­to­lo­gy – Tre­at them right and you’ll be assu­red of get­ting “implants for life”.


- Dr. M.Sc. M.Sc. Tho­mas Jung


We use sta­te-of-the-art bone aug­men­ta­ti­on tech­ni­ques to help give even tho­se pati­ents with seve­re case his­to­ries who requi­re com­ple­te den­tal and bone res­to­ra­ti­on (link) beau­ti­ful new teeth. With their per­fect fit and 100% natu­ral, pain-free feel, implants put the laugh­ter back in your life. You’ll be able to real­ly sink your teeth in and eat ever­ything you want again. Guaranteed.

The road to your new teeth is simp­le. Thanks to our ana­es­the­sio­lo­gy depart­ment, we can per­form all den­tal pro­ce­du­res safe­ly and com­for­ta­b­ly under gene­ral ana­es­the­sia, if necessary.

This way, we can pro­vi­de effi­ci­ent tre­at­ment and save you the hass­le of mul­ti­ple appoint­ments – but you’ll never have to worry about lea­ving our cli­nic with teeth mis­sing. Even our tem­pora­ry res­to­ra­ti­ons are fab­ri­ca­ted with the utmost care in our own in-house den­tal lab and must meet our own high aes­the­tic stan­dards. Befo­re per­forming actu­al implant sur­ge­ry, each pro­ce­du­re is rehe­ar­sed vir­tual­ly on the com­pu­ter to iden­ti­fy poten­ti­al pro­blems in time so that they can be avoided com­ple­te­ly. Our pri­ma­ry objec­ti­ve is to make your tre­at­ment in our den­tal cli­nic as safe, plea­sant and com­for­ta­ble for you as possible.


Meine Angst vorm Zahnarzt begleitet mich schon mein ganzes Leben lang.”

MEINE ANGST VORM ZAHNARZT beglei­tet mich schon mein gan­zes Leben lang. Auch die letz­te fäl­li­ge Kon­trol­le hat­te ich mal wie­der zu lan­ge vor mir her­ge­scho­ben. Ich bin total glück­lich, dass ich dann zur Dr. Jung Zahn­kli­nik gegan­gen bin. In Voll­nar­ko­se und in nur einem Behand­lungs­ter­min wur­den bei mir die alten undich­ten Fül­lun­gen durch Kera­mik­in­lays ersetzt und ich habe zwei Kro­nen bekom­men. Den Zahn­arzt­ter­min habe ich gera­de noch recht­zei­tig aus­ge­macht, so dass mei­ne Zäh­ne mit der Behand­lung geret­tet wer­den konn­ten. Mit dem Ergeb­nis bin ich mehr als hap­py! Ich kann es zwar selbst kaum glau­ben, aber mei­ne Zahn­arzt­angst hat sich fast völ­lig in Luft auf­ge­löst. Ich bin jetzt beim Gedan­ken an den Zahn­arzt­be­such viel ruhi­ger und zuver­sicht­li­cher, weil ich weiß, wo ich in Zukunft hin­ge­hen kann und wo man mir ver­ständ­nis­voll wei­ter­hilft! Danke!“

- Max M.

Damit Sie sich in unse­rer Zahn­kli­nik wohl­füh­len, neh­men wir uns Zeit für Sie und Ihre ganz eige­ne Geschich­te. Wir hören Ihnen zu und suchen gemein­sam nach der indi­vi­du­ell bes­ten Lösung – versprochen!


An implant is a small “post” made of pure, bio­com­pa­ti­ble mate­ri­al that acts as the root struc­tu­re would for a natu­ral tooth. It is pain­less­ly implan­ted into the jaw, whe­re the bone then grows around it to crea­te a per­ma­nent foun­da­ti­on that can hold a crown, bridge or den­ture in place.
Per­ma­nent den­tal implants offer a varie­ty of benefits:

  • A more natu­ral feel than con­ven­tio­nal dentures
  • Non-aller­ge­nic thanks to bio­com­pa­ti­ble material
  • No limi­ta­ti­ons in spea­king, laug­hing or eating – you can final­ly enjoy life again!
  • Sta­bi­li­sing effect on the jaw­bo­ne, which pre­vents dege­ne­ra­ti­on of the bone structures
  • Las­ting effects that even help pre­ser­ve exis­ting teeth
  • A very com­mon the­ra­py in modern den­ti­stry; near­ly 1,000,000 den­tal implants are implan­ted annu­al­ly in Germany.
  • Having suc­cess­ful­ly per­for­med over 50,000 implant pro­ce­du­res, the Jung Den­tal Cli­nic is one of Germany’s lea­ding clinics.



Dr. med. dent.

Tho­mas Jung, M.Sc. M.Sc.



Dr. med. dent.

Tho­mas Jung, M.Sc. M.Sc.


The Jung Dental Clinic offers services that no conventional dental practice can.
  • High-tech, next-genera­ti­on tech­ni­cal equip­ment of the hig­hest inter­na­tio­nal standards
  • Top experts for every area of tre­at­ment under one roof
  • Gene­ral ana­es­the­sia admi­nis­te­red by high­ly spe­cia­li­sed ana­es­the­sio­lo­gists in a safe medi­cal envi­ron­ment in our own ana­es­the­sio­lo­gy department
  • In-house den­tal lab for quick respon­se times
  • Exclu­si­ve­ly cer­ti­fied, bio­com­pa­ti­ble, top-qua­li­ty mate­ri­als in all areas
  • Anxie­ty- and pain-free tre­at­ment even in extre­me cases
  • 25 years’ expe­ri­ence with over 50,000 implant sur­gi­cal tre­at­ments performed
  • Effi­ci­ent time manage­ment for short tre­at­ment times
  • Sta­te-of-the art com­pu­ter tomo­gra­phy (CT) for safe tre­at­ment: mul­ti­ple CT ima­ging for accu­ra­te 3D dia­gnostics as needed


Outstanding test results — a world first

Tes­ted by the Fraun­ho­fer Insti­tu­te: Prof. Dr. med. Jung tooth­pas­te lea­ves the com­pe­ti­ti­on far behind! The results have even excee­ded our own high expec­ta­ti­ons. In par­ti­cu­lar, the clea­ning per­for­mance of Prof. dr. Young tooth­pas­te and the attri­ti­on cau­sed by tooth brushing of the tooth ena­mel. Through a sci­en­ti­fic test seri­es our own high expec­ta­ti­ons could even be sur­pas­sed: The abra­si­on of the ena­mel is deter­mi­ned by Prof. Dr. med. Jung tooth­pas­te is very low and bare­ly avail­ab­le. The Prof. Dr. Jung tooth­pas­te has been clas­si­fied as excep­tio­nal­ly sen­si­ti­ve. But espe­cial­ly revo­lu­tio­na­ry is that the tooth­pas­te, des­pi­te its gent­le clean­sing, also sen­sa­tio­nal­ly cleans. The uni­que and patent-pen­ding Soft-Clean-Sys­tem of Prof. Dr. med. Jung Zahn­creme is thus an abso­lu­te world novel­ty and the future of den­tal care! See for yourself.